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Khursheed Shah hails PTI’s return to Parliament

In the ice breaking speech, Khursheed Shah welcomed PTI members in the parliament house and praised opposition parties for their role in resolving deadlock between government and PTI.

“The credit of the return of PTI goes to opposition parties”, said Khursheed Shah.

Khursheed Shah also admired Speaker of National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq for his patience and for not accepting resignations tendered by PTI members which allowed them [PTI members] to join the parliament.

Expressing pleasure over PTI’s return to parliament, Khursheed Shah said it is good to see that the sovereignty of the parliament has been secured.

Earlier, some parliament members made hue and cry over allowing PTI members to join the house despite of their resignations.

In order to sort out their concerns, Ayaz Sadiq said that the rules of the house are clear and he did not accept their resignation, they are the members of the parliament for him like the rest.

The leader of the opposition asked to adjourn the session till the arrival of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the house but later agreed to discuss the facts and the statement over the Yemen issue, on the request of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.



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