Khursheed Shah urges PM to hold talks with PTI

ISLAMABAD: The Leader of Opposition Khursheed Ahmed Shah has urged the government to hold talks with protesting Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), ARY News reported on Tuesday.

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“Mian Sahib will have to take initiative and come forward,” speaking at the floor of the National Assembly the opposition leader said.

Shah in a reference to the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-N and PTI, said: “If anything happens to Pakistan, then these two parties will be responsible.”

Khursheed Shah said, ” If Mian Sahib could not take decisions, he should consult other parties.”

Shah said that the PML-N people lacking political acumen. If the government could not hold talks, ” I am ready to hold talks,” on their behalf.

The leader of the opposition also suggested that the tenure of the parliament should be fixed at four years.

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Khursheed Shah urges PM to hold talks with PTI

by Shakoor Nizamani