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Two kids found alive in home three days after parents died

Two young Russian children spent three nights sleeping beside the corpses of their parents after they died from allegedly eating ‘poisoned pickles’.

According to a foreign news outlet, a five-year-old girl and one-year-old boy were discovered when relatives could not reach Alexander and Viktoria Yakunin, described as the ‘perfect couple’.

They missed a family gathering and eventually, their daughter answered the phone.

The couple’s five-year-old daughter answered the phone and said her mum and dad had been “sleeping” for a long time.

The youngster said her father, 30, and mother, 25, were ‘sleeping’ for a long time, and added that Mr Yakunin’s corpse had ‘turned all black’.

Mrs Yakunin’s sister Natalia Bakulina, 36, rushed to their home to find the couple dead in bed after her niece opened the door.

‘I ran in and saw everything. I fell down and screamed,’ she said.

Miss Bakulina called the police and emergency services then dressed the children and took them out of the flat in Bolshoye Kuzyomkino village. The two young children are now being cared for by Alexander’s father.

According to police food poisoning is suspected as the cause of the deaths.



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