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Knorr holds KCH Chef Fest event in Karachi

KARACHI: To the delight of food lovers Knorr organised an event on Saturday here titled ‘KCH Chef Fest’ in a bid to promote cooking industry.

Most of the participants at the crowded event, hosted by actress Kiran Khan, were ladies and all were dressed up to the nines.

Actually, the participants were invited from a female-only Facebook group ‘Karachi Chefs at Home’. Members of this group share their recipes with others and get comments (both critical and complimentary), tips and new recipes to ignite the love of homemade food in their family members.

Among others the event was attended by known actresses, models and other celebrities in the cooking industry as well including actress Rubina Ashraf, chef Sumera Anwer, chef Samina Jalil and chef Zarnak Sidhwa.

Different fun cooking events were held including Live Cooking, Cook-Off Competition and a cooking class by Master Chef Zarnak Sidhwa. Sidhwa herself cooked Dum Aalo and Zinger Fried Chicken.

Zarnak Sidhwa has a vast experience in cooking industry. It has been six years since she has been formally associated with a TV show to do regular cooking.

To a query, she said, “Events like Knorr KCH Chef Fest will promote and improve cooking industry.”

One of the participants of Live Cooking, Ayman Zafar, who is a directress of a Montessori school, said she had been cooking since she was as young as seven years old. The first thing she did in her life was flattened dough with a rolling pin.

“Though frying eggs or making tea has never been a big deal, however the first proper dish that I made in my life was Rus Malai and it was quite delicious,” she said with a broad smile on her face.

She had cooked Thai Basil Chicken at Knorr’s which was very much liked by the master chef.

In the end, Zarnak Sidhwa gave some interesting tips for those who are trying their hands with cooking or who do this job regularly. She instructed to keep your kitchens tidy, spices properly placed, food stored in cool places and keep a check on your budget while shopping for a dish.



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