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Kohistan Video Scandal: Central figure Afzal Kohistani’s wife abducted

ABBOTTABAD: Kohistan video scandal whistle blower, late Afzal Kohistani’s wife was kidnapped today, Sunday and an FIR has been registered in this regard at the local police station, ARY News reported.

Afzal was the spearhead of a campaign to expose one of Pakistan’s most notorious “honour killing” cases who was then shot dead nearly seven years after he brought the news to national attention.

The police officials revealed that an FIR has been registered against ‘unknown individuals’.

Afzal, who had revealed the murder of five women appearing in a controversial video shot in Kohistan seven years ago, was killed on March 6 near Gami Addah area of Abbottabad.

The video showed five women clapping and singing as two men – brother and cousin of Afzal – danced and sang folk tunes.

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All the persons appearing in the video were killed in days and years to come after a jirga (tribal court) decided that the video had brought ‘dishonour’ to the tribe.

Prior to his untimely death, Afzal released a video on social media demanding security for fear of life threats that he and his family were receiving since the advent of the scandal.

Afzal can also been seen complaining about the attitude and carelessness the local police had showed towards him in face of serious threats.

The Police had arrested Afzal’s nephew in connection with his uncle’s murder but Afzal’s family kept pleading Faiz ur Rehman’s innocence but to no avail.

According to a first information report registered against Kohistani’s brother, Gul Nazar, and another suspect, Gul Shahzada, the former fatally shot Muhammad Waqar on May 26 over suspicions that he was in a relationship with Kohistani’s second wife.




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