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Kohli abuses journalist for story on Anushka

India’s star batsman was on his way to the dressing room after completing the training session on Tuesday; it was then that he noticed a reporter in front of him.

The rowdy Indian cricketer all of a sudden lost his temper and started hurling filthiest abuses at the journo.

The incident left many other Indian team players in amazement, wondering as to what had actually happened between the two.

Shocked at the incident, the very journalist could also not find any clue behind such ill-treatment of him.

The daily quotes that Virat Kohli once calmed down revealed that witnessing the particular journo reminded him of an article – about him and his girlfriend Anushka Sharma – which appeared in a paper and which he presumed to be written by the journalist in front of him.

Kohli, after being told by someone that he had mistaken the journo as someone else, called another newsman and apologized through him for the ill-treatment.

Sources close to the Indian team told that the team director, Ravi Shastri has also spoken to the batsman personally and advised him to keep calm as this sort of public behavior was not suitable.



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