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Kohli's poor showing brings Anushka under fans' rage

And certainly, all hell broke loose on Anushka.

The NH10 star has certainly had recent success with her nail-biting movie, as both an actress and producer. However, she has been blamed recently for being a distraction for the Indian batsman. Kohli also lost it on a reporter when he mistook him for another journalist who had penned a story on the couple. Kohli rained abuses on the man and only after realizing his mistake later on, tendered an apology.

The Indian batting side has always been praised and expected to chase big targets. Chasing 329 in a high-octane world cup semifinal clash, Kohli walked onto the pitch as Anushka was watching from the stands. After being a little defensive at first, Virat attempted to pound the ball out of the park. Unfortunately for him, the ball ended up in an Australian fielder’s hands, courtesy a top edge. As Anushka’s horrified expressions were caught by the camera as Kohli walked off from the pitch,

As India succumbed to a humiliating 95 run defeat and was sent packing out of the world cup, twitter was abuzz with angry tweets aimed at Anushka by Indians who had had enough of the couple. A couple of Pakistani tweets also made the most of the situation and didn’t hesitate from poking fun at their arch-rivals’ loss! Here’s a couple of tweets that were doing the rounds on Twitter after India’s loss:-

Here’s how Twitter users made light of the situation, in a cruel way!




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