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Komal Rizvi rocks Global Dubai Village

Komal Rizvi has been entertaining fans ever since she first picked up the mic. The talented singer was in Dubai at the official launch of the Global Dubai Village in which she was scheduled to perform. Komal shared pictures of herself performing at the concert in Dubai and it looked like the crowd was having the time of their lives.


Komal Rizvi

Here’s a view of the whole majestic stage where Rizvi performed to a packed crowd.

Komal Rizvi

Komal had been in Dubai and rehearsing with her house band for quite some time. Here’s a picture of the singer, posing with her band. Nice to see all the flak she received after that Edhi selfie hasn’t deterred her from taking more!

On November 13, Komal RIzvi had performed live with renowned band Strings, who had also rocked the crowd at Dubai.



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