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Komal Rizvi's selfie with Edhi provokes anger, outrage on Twitter

These days, Pakistan’s most celebrated philanthropist and renowned personality Abdul Sattar Edhi is sick. People from all walks of life and some notable celebrities as well have visited the man to inquire after his health. Komal Rizvi did the same, and clicked a selfie. The move enraged fans who were unable to fathom Rizvi’s insensitivity at a time when Edhi was sick.

“The controversial Selfie with Edhi”I walked into his office with his grandchildren and his face lit up with a smile….

Posted by KOMAL RIZVI on Monday, July 6, 2015

Here are a number of tweets chiding the famous singer for her act:-

Poor Komal. Though no one should doubt her intentions and good nature, the singer chose a really bad time to click a selfie with Abdul Sattar Edhi. Let’s hope the trolls spare her for the time being and stop making such a fuss about the whole thing!



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