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KP Chief Minister objects to PM’s rally at Mansehra University

In a letter written to the vice chancellor of university, Khattak has sought explanation over organising prime minister’s public gathering at the venue.

Why the university was closed for two days ahead of PM’s rally, he asked. The chief minister said educational institutions should not be used for political activities.

He said jalsa could have been organised at any other place.

Earlier, PTI chief Imran Khan had also tweeted against the government and held them responsible for placing false ads at the taxpayer’s expense.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will address a public gathering today at Mansehra University and will most likely talk about the recent Panama papers controversy. The PM will likely slam his critics, which include PTI chief Imran Khan and the Pakistan Peoples Party. Both the PPP and PTI chiefs have called for Nawaz Sharif to resign after the names of his children were mentioned as owners of offshore companies in the Panama papers.

It is also expected that the PM will talk about his development ventures in Mansehra to counter allegations of corruption and money laundering. The Prime Minister has decided to take the advice of senior PML-N members and counter allegations by holding large public gatherings and addressing the public face-to-face, in a bid to show off his popularity to his opponents.





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