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KP govt holds open court sessions to ‘address’ public grievances

BANNU: In an unprecedented move, Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali Asghar held an open court (Khuli Kacheri) session in Bannu city to hear the issues faced by members of religious minorities.

DC Bannu along with other officials held a session with local representatives of religious minorities’ communities. A church priest, Father Shakeel Jan, represented the Christian community, while Rakesh represented the religious Hindu community.

A large number of women from both religious communities also attended the session.


The representatives informed the deputy commissioner of issues being faced by the minorities. DC Bannu Muhammad Asghar Ali heard the grievances and directed the authorities concerned to resolve the problems.

According to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Secretary Azam Khan, the provincial government will put efforts to establish a direct contact with people to hear the grievances and resolve the issues being faced by them.



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