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KP ministers see ‘foreign conspiracy’ in abundance of rats in Peshawar

No serious measures have so far been taken despite the death of five children due to rodent bites in the Peshawar.

Minority member of the KP Assembly, Askar Pervez on Friday presented a call attention notice with regard to cannibal rats. At this, Minister for Local Bodies, Inayatullah Khan such giant rats have been brought from abroad in containers and do not inhabit the province.

Minister for Health, Shehram Khan said it will have to be ascertained as to where these rodents came from or someone sent them.

Inayatullah Khan said he was not aware of as to whose duty was it to eradicate rats, research showed that it is the responsibility of the Health Department.

To which the health minister suggested him to ‘fear Almighty’, saying that ‘we are supposed to treat people, didn’t know killing rats was too our duty’.

Peshawar has been facing a growing number of rodent population causing threat to human health by contaminating food, biting people apart of damage to the fabric of houses and shops.



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