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KP MPAs will not be given development funds henceforth: Imran

“This was difficult to make MPAs understand that they will not get development funds. MPAs’ job is legislation. Rs33 billion will be handed over to local government representatives. The development resources funds will be allocated by provincial finance commission according to the need base,” he said while talking to media in Islamabad.

He said for the first time village councils were elected in KP. They are being given complete financial powers, while, discretionary funds were being finished.

The PTI chief said he would show how to make police apolitical. Police act will be passed in KP for improvement in policing system. No political interference could be found in KP police.

“Tell me any case of a big corruption in the province. The person who will point out corruption will get 25 percent recovery that amount. Name of the whistleblowers will be kept confidential,” he said.

He also said PTI was bringing more powerful accountability system than before in the province and will launch accountability drive across the country on August 07.

Imran Khan clarified allocation of funds for Jamia Haqqania, a biggest religious seminary in KP. He said US had given $100m in former president Pervez Musharraf’s era for madrasah reforms which was rejected by madrasahs. Out of which only four million rupees could be used rest of the money was rejected.

“We are going to reform madrasshs which should have been done long ago. Mostly, children of poor families go to religious schools, where science is not taught which bars the children to come into mainstream. We want to provide those kids science education through reforms so that they could be brought into mainstream and get jobs,” he said.

He said those kids did not get chance to get education other than religious.



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