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KP to elect mayors, deputy mayors today

Local body representatives have taken oath in KP, while most of them seem to be enthusiastic due to increased powers. These representatives will be electing the mayors and deputy mayors today, however alliances in different districts have led to difficulties for the ruling PTI.

The tripartite coalition in Mardan was shattered and the PPP parted ways with PTI, whereas in Swat six different parties formed a strong coalition against Tehreek-i-Insaf.

ANP, JUI-F and PPP have boycotted the mayor and deputy mayor election in Peshawar, where the PTI is stable in the district council and three towns, however the the fourth town is likely to be taken over by PML-N.

In Mardan, 62 out of 112 seats have been taken by candidates of a new coalition – JUI-F, PPP and ANP.

In Swat, 44 out of 67 belong to the six-party alliance led by PML-N.



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