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KP to plant 1.2 bln trees to fight climate change: Imran

Talking to media here, PTI chief said that global warming has been on rise causing decrease in rainfall and other negative impacts over Pakistan.

Khan said that the PTI government under a plan will plant 1.2 billion trees in KP by 2018 to fight the negative impacts of global warming.

He said 100 mln trees have already been planted in the province and saplings are ready to plant further 450 mln trees in the province.

He said the trees will be planted to the barren lands. He said common people inviting the government to plant trees at their lands hit by water-logging and salinity. Imran said these lands will be treated and trees will be planted on these tracts.

PTI chief called it a best way to fight the climate change.

He said the tree plantation project of the provincial government has been lauded internationally.



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