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KU Professor ‘goes missing’ from Islamabad Airport

According to a local news agency, the educationist named Aamir Alamgir went missing after he arrived at Islamabad Airport in Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-378.

Registrar Muazzam Ali Khan, whom Alamgir had accompanied to Islamabad, filed the missing complaint which was registered in the daily crimes section. Law enforcement agencies have launched the search for the missing professor.

However, the statements by the authorities on the issue differ as well. CPO Israr Ahmed Khan claimed that the professor had arrived in Islamabad with his assistant. He added that his partner asked the professor to wait as he had to go to the lavatory and would return within a few minutes but did not. CPO added that professor is here and did not file any complaint.

Meanwhile, SSP Operations Karamat Ullah Malik stated that the missing assistant has been found in Lahore and informed the authorities that a person inside the airport told him to sit in his car and was brought to Lahore. He also told the cops that he had only Rs. 3600 with him, SSP said.

Malik added that a team has been sent to Lahore to bring the professor back to Islamabad.

The incident puts a question mark on the security of the airport.



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