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Man who acquired Kuwaiti nationality on fake documents jailed

A top court in Kuwait has handed seven-year of rigorous imprisonment to a person working with military authorities over allegedly acquiring country’s nationality, submitting fake documents with the officials.

According to the Kuwaiti news outlet Akhbaar24, the public prosecution authorities charged a citizen for faking his birth certificate, government documents, national identity card, nationality card and a passport of another citizen and submitting them with the authorities for acquiring nationality.

The prosecution pleaded that the changes made in the submitted documents come under the fake documents case.

The man who was charged in the case hails from a Gulf country and was awarded rigorous imprisonment of seven years along with fine of 167000 Kuwaiti Dinars.

“The other eight accused in the case, were however, released after the court absolved them from the charges,” it said.

In 2017, Kuwait’s supreme court upheld a five-year jail term against three members of the ruling family, including the former secret service chief, for insulting the judiciary.

Those convicted include Sheikh Athbi Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, a nephew of the Gulf state’s emir and the former head of the secret service police, according to an official court verdict.

He was one of three royals convicted, along with two other Kuwaiti citizens, of publishing posts on social media accusing judges of accepting bribes.

The five men were sentenced last year. An appeals court upheld the verdict in January.

The supreme court also upheld a one-year jail term for a sixth defendant and acquitted six others, according to the verdict.

Charges included posting on Twitter and WhatsApp fake footage showing a top judge accepting a bribe from an aide to former prime minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad al-Ahmad Al-Sabah.



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