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HORRIBLE: Kuwaiti woman murdered by suspect she’d filed two cases against

KUWAIT CITY: In an atrocious criminal incident, a Kuwaiti woman, Farah Akbar, was yesterday gruesomely killed by a man who she had previously filed two cases against for kidnapping and attempted murder but he was released on bail in both cases.

The perpetrator, Fahad Subhi Mohammed, has allegedly crashed into Akbar’s car, kidnapped her and her daughters (who were in the car with her) and stabbed Akbar in front of her daughter in the chest. He then drove her body to the hospital before he fled.

Video footage showed Akbar’s family members crying outside the hospital, screaming out, “This is what we get! We told you that he was going to kill her. And now he killed my sister.”

In a statement, the Ministry of Interior, stated that Mohammed confessed to the killing and was arrested. Akbar’s lawyer, Abdulmohsen Al Qattan, publicly stated that the killer is not and never was married to the Akbar and warned against circulating incorrect news.

No protection

Dana Akbar, the victim’s sister, shared a video on social media explaining that she filed two cases against the perpetrator on two separate occasions, and both times he was released on bail. She added that she warned the prosecutor multiple times that the man is a serious threat to her family.

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“Despite the fact that her sister went from one police station to another to file a complaint, nobody took her seriously. They let him walk. What excuse are they going to give now?” Dr. Shayma Shamo, founder of Lan Askat, a platform giving a voice to all victims of gender-based violence, told Gulf News.

Akbar’s killing sparked outrage on social media with many questioning how the killer was freed after he was charged with an attempted murder case. The hashtag ‘I am the next victim’ was trending on Twitter with many claiming the lack of protection against harassment and complaints about violence has created an unsafe space for women in Kuwait.

“What happened to Farah can happen to any of us. Her case, like many other killings, goes to show that the state has failed us as women,” Shamo said.



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