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Lack of ATMs bother Thar victims

MITHI: The miseries of drought-hit people in Tharparkar continue to haunt them one way or the other. Coupled with food scarcity, the dearth of automated teller machines (ATM) is also now adding to their woes, ARY News reported Wednesday.

The denizens of Diplo, Islamkot and Nangarparkar have been braving problems due to lack of ATM machines in their respective districts.

People complain that relief activities were going on at a snail’s pace while necessary health facilties were also missing in the drought-hit district.

Over 200 children have perished in the desert region with no concrete measures in sight by the government to contain the rising death toll.

PML-N leader visited the Civil Hospital Mithi and inquired after the affected people. He said on the occasion that Sindh government failed to cope with the calamity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            



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