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Lahore children abduction: SC orders police to submit record

The bench in the hearing at Lahore Registry also asked about the number of children kidnapped for ransom or smuggling in Punjab capital city.

The court also observed that the could not shun their responsibilities saying that children fleeing from homes due to beatings or other reasons.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case till August 03.

The incidents of kidnapping or missing children have reached to alarming level in the city as within hours two new cases have been reported from different areas of the city.

In fresh incidents a 13-year-old child Shoaib Kashif was reported missing from Nashtar Colony of Lahore for two days. Shoaib’s father Kashif said that his son went to the house of his friend for a book two days ago and didn’t return home yet.

The chief justice had earlier issued a notice to Punjab IG to depute some high-ranking police officer to provide details of such incidents and directed the Advocate General to place the matter before the court at Lahore Registry on July 28. Since January, 681 child abduction cases have been registered in the city.

There is an alarming increase in the incidents of missing and kidnapping of children in Lahore. According to some reports around 208 children have been reported missing or kidnapped in the past few days.



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