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Lahore doctors operate child weighing 200 kg for weight loss

LAHORE: Doctors in Lahore on Thursday operated a 12-year-old from Gujrat, currently weighing about 200 kilogrammes, for a reduction in his weight, ARY News reported.

Abrar, a teenager from Gujrat, has seen a rapid gain in his weight which has made it difficult for him to even walk and do mundane tasks.

Doctors performed a Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Laparoscopic surgery on him, a minimally invasive procedure performed worldwide for weight reduction.

The surgery was performed at a private hospital in Lahore. Dr Muaz, the surgeon who operated the child said the maximum weight he had operated upon so far was 120 kgs, therefore, Abrar’s surgery was the first of its kind considering the weight.

After the surgery, doctors will devise a special dietary plan for him which will reduce his weight to about 60 kgs within next six months.

Excessive weight has made life difficult for Abrar, who requires support for his legs to help him walk. Doctors hope this will ease over time and return him to a normal lifestyle soon.



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