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Lahore: Election ‘record’ burnt in mysterious fire

A PTI candidate Dr. Yasmeen had lost to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in this constituency (NA-120) with 39,000 votes whose record had now been burnt. The school is located on Retigun Road. Provincial assembly seats PA-139 and PA-140 also fall in the the same area.

Of the constituencies in which PTI had alleged of rigging, the NA-120 is also one of them. Sources said following the incineration of record, the suspicion of Imran over rigging has grown further.

They told that various ECP articles including inks, ballot boxes and stamps were burnt in the fire.

Acting election commissioner Khaliqur Rehman claimed that no record of elections 2013 was present at the site.

The PTI leader Mehmoodur Rasheed has asked the government of Punjab to explain what caused fire in  go-down of the school, resulting destruction of the election material. He also asked about the list of material burnt in the fire.



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