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Lahore factory collapse: death toll rises to 53

Four days have passed since tragedy struck Lahore, when the Sundar Industrial Estate collapsed. As more and more bodies of dead workers were being recovered, the death toll rose to 53. Rescue operations are still underway, with heavy machinery being used to remove the debris and cut strong pillars.

The dead body of factory owner Rana Ashraf was also recovered, among scores of other dead bodies as well. More than a hundred workers have been dug up alive by rescue officials.

According to DCO Lahore Muhammad Usman, workers from other cities were living in the factory. It is feared that more people lay buried under the debris.

A young man was rescued after 50 hours had elapsed since the tragedy. According to details, rescue members recovered a youngster named Shahid alive after 50 hours of the tragic incident. The man belonged to Khanewal, whose family had yesterday laid another body to rest mistaking it as Shahid’s.

Man recovered from Lahore factory rubble after… by arynews
He was shifted to a hospital; where from the young laborer informed his family of his survival.

At least 53 people have been reported dead as rescue operations continued for the third day since the factory collapse.

As more time elapses, the hope of rescuing more buried people alive diminishes. More than two dozen workers had been dug up dead by rescue officials, who continued to carry out their activities even two days after the Sundar Industrial Estate factory collapse.


As per DCO Lahore, chances of survival for the buried victims was minimum and only a miracle could work for them now.


According to sources, Sundar Industrial Estate had stopped the factory owner from constructing more than three floors and issued a notice to him, in this regard.


The factory owner had unloaded ten containers of plastic material on the third floor. When the machines started working, the vibration caused the collapse of the factory.

On the day of the collapse, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had stated that an inquiry would be carried out to determine the cause of the collapse and strict punishment would be handed to those involved in the incident.

The Chief Minister also stated that an inquiry will be held as to how the factory collapsed? He also said that the injured had been shifted to various hospitals He put the total tally of the injured at 45 people. He said that an inquiry will be held and if the management was found responsible for the collapse, then strict action will be taken against them.

Shahbaz also stated that the government, Pakistan Army and rescue officials were working together to help the affected.

The four-storied factory collapsed and as many as 150 people were buried under the rubble. According to workers and sources, construction was going on at the third floor at the time of the collapse.

However, according to the rescue officials, as many as 100 injured were shifted to different hospitals. Workers stated that the factory owner was informed that the lower floor was not in a good condition. They also stated that as many as 150 workers were working on the lower floor.


According to details, more than 200 persons were working in the factory located at Lahore’s Multan Road when it came crashing down.


Rescue teams arrived at the scene and started the relief work. Bodies of at least 12 workers had been recovered from the debris.


DIG Operations Haider Ashraf said that polythene bags were being made in the collapsed factory. He added that the building came crashing during construction work on its third floor.


The bodies had been shifted to Jinnah Hospital and General Hospital.



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