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LAHORE: Fire in shoemaking factory burns 4 people

According to details, a shoe-making factory located at Lahore’s Ravi Road in the timber market caught fire, burning four people as a result.

Rescue officials and fire brigade vehicles reached the place in order to help the affected workers and extinguish the flames.

Rescue officials revealed as many as four people had been burnt by the fire and injured as a result. Firefighters had initially struggled with the flames but then called for more fire tenders. After a while, the fire was extinguished and cooling process was initiated. Rescue officials also revealed the cooling process would last till two-three hours, since there was a lot of plastic inside the shoe-making factory.

Rescue officials revealed that due to the fire, the roof of the factory had collapsed, which had resulted in two rescue officials getting injured. When fire had initially broken out, all workers had rushed out of the factory in a hurry.

As many as 5 fire brigades were busy in attempts to quell the fire and control the damage. So far, an estimate regarding the loss of merchandise has not been made.



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