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Lahore: House near Lahori Gate catches fire, killing 6 people

According to details, the unfortunate incident occurred last night, when the lower floor of a house caught fire. The house was situated near Lahori Gate. The fire was so intense that the whole building was engulfed with smoke.

All those who were asleep in the building were related to each other. Some of the people jumped from the roof of the building in a bid to save their lives. However, Shahid with his wife and four year-old son Ali, was unable to escape the fire and all of them died. B.B. Gulshan, a 70 year-old disabled, also succumbed to the flames.

It took five hours to extinguish the deadly flames, but by then six precious lives had already been lost. Everyone present at the scene was extremely saddened to see the deceased person’s families grieve for their loss.



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