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Lahore man beats elderly mother, sister; throws them out of house

LAHORE: A cold-blooded man meted out barbaric treatment on his mother and sister before throwing them out of the house on Saturday, ARY News reported.

According to the details divulged by Police, a man in the Harbanspura town of Lahore beat his mother and sister and then tossed them out of their house with the help of his in-laws.

The complaint filed by the affected mother said that she had sold out a buffalo for the sustenance of the family but her son robbed that money as well.

The complaint by the elderly mother added that her son has been beating her and her daughter for a long time and would push them out of the house every now and then. She lamented that her patience has run out now.

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Her daughter who has also a victim of the alleged treatment said that her brother had already availed his share of the property but now in order to encroach on their house, he breached the house wall and afflicted them.

The aged woman in her complaint to the police begged for the justice from relevant authorities for herself and her daughter.



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