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Lahore: One dead as car plunges into river

LAHORE: A man was killed as a car plunged into a river in Lahore on Saturday.

According to the details received by ARY News, the car fell into a river near Lahore’s Harbanspura area due to which its driver was killed on the spot.

The deceased has not been identified yet.

Police and rescue teams arrived at the scene and recovered the dead body after a struggle of one hour. The dead body was the shifted to a morgue for further procedures.

It should be noted that six people were killed when their car fell into a river in Shujaabad in December 2016. Poor-visibility was said to be the cause of the incident.

Three members of a single family lost their lives when a speeding car plunged into a river in Malakand Agency last month.

Road accidents, primarily caused by poor roads, badly maintained vehicles and reckless driving, leave thousands dead and injured every year in Pakistan.



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