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Lahore’s Mall Road opens after five days as young doctors end sit-in

LAHORE: After successful negotiations between protesting young doctors and the Mayo Hospital administration on Saturday, Mall Road has been opened after 19 days of protest and five days of a sit-in.

Earlier today, their protest lost its impact after police forced them and a group of protesting water board management employees to move from the area, clearing a way for the locals to resume their normal activities after four days of annoyance.

The demonstrators later fixed their camps near the Government Officers Residence (GOR) Gate, spreading a clear message that their protest would continue despite a small number.

However, Chief Executive Mayo Hospital conducted deliberations with them and agreed on reinstating all the suspended doctors in their positions.

The hospital official also assured them that they would be facing any sort of victimisation if they call off their protest following which the young doctors ended their standoff.

The young doctors’ protests and sit-in in Lahore took a heavy toll on the already distressed patients where, at least, three patients including a young girl lost their lives.

Their strike almost died out on Friday after the health department initiated a crackdown against them and even terminated several ‘absentees’ including nurses for not heeding their warning.

They suffered a setback when a majority of doctors resumed duties following a threat by MS of the Lahore hospital to appoint new medics in their places.

The emergency ward and the outpatient department of the hospital were soon opened which remained operational throughout yesterday after anger triggered over deaths and when senior doctors took charge.

It was not the first time that the young doctors protested in Lahore. On several occasions in the past as well they have shutdown emergencies and wards, forcing authorities to meet their demands.



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