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Lailatul Qadr being observed tonight

ARY Digital Network will telecast nightlong special transmissions on the occasion from 10:00 PM tonight.

According to the holy Quran, the Lailatul Qadr is better than the worship of 1,000 months as the angels and the spirit descend therein, by the permission of Almighty Allah with all decrees.

This is one of the holiest and most blessed nights which is likely to occur on one of the odd nights in the last 10 days of Ramadan and most likely to be the 27th of the holy month.

The devout Muslims traditionally observe the occasion through nightlong special prayers, milad, Quran Khwani, religious discussions at mosques and in their houses on this holy night.

The Lailatul Qadr is also called the Night of Power.

Allah the Almighty declares: “Verily, We have sent it (Holy Quran) down in the night of Al Qadr. And what will make you know what the night of Al Qadr is? The night of Al Qadr is better than a thousand months (i.e. worshipping Allah in that night is better than worshipping Him a thousand months. Therein descend the angels including Angel Gabriel by Allah’s permission with all Decrees. (All that night), there is peace (and Goodness from Allah to His believing slaves) until the appearance of dawn.” (Holy Quran).

The Night of Power is the crowning glory of the worship in the holy month of Ramadan. It is most likely to take place in the last 10 days of the month when a Muslim’s devotion reaches its zenith. One way of doing this is to stay in a mosque for Aitekaaf, following the sunnah of the holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

It was on this night that the Holy  Quran was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by Allah. That was a defining event because it meant that Allah chose to show man the way to his happiness in this present life and the life Hereafter, providing him with a constitution to implement. Little wonder that this beautiful night is regarded by Muslims as the most important event in history.

Tradition says that whoever establishes the prayers on the night of Qadr out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah’s rewards, then all his past sins will be forgiven.

ARY Digital Network will telecast nightlong special transmissions on the occasion from 10:00 PM tonight.



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