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Larkana Central Jail prisoners' revolt

LARKANA: The prisoners of Larkana Central Jail on Saturday revolted against the 'misbehavior' of the jail superintendent and other officials and taken five policemen hostage, ARY News reported.

The protesting prisoners went up on the roofs of jail barracks and taken five policemen Hubdar Golo, Amjad Mangan, Jaffar Rahojo, Wazeer Chandio and Hameed Sandelo as hostage.

The prisoners have also captured four wireless telephone sets.

Revolting prisoners complaining that Jail Superintendent Afaq Rizvi and other jail officials misbehaving with prisoners and deprive them from legitimate facilities allowed by the government.

Prisoners complained that the officials not produce them in court hearings and subjected them to torture if prisoners fail to grease their palms.

They said they are forced to protest against unjust attitude of the officials.

Heavy contingents of police have surrounded the jail after the prisoners' revolt.



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