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This Laung Laachi spoof by Sakhawat Naz will leave you in splits

Laung Laachi, the Punjabi song from the Indian Punjabi Movie with the same name, was one of the most popular songs from last year.

The Bollywood version of the song from Kriti Sanon-Kartik Aaryan starrer “Luka Chuppi”, translate into Hindi,  was horrible but the one created by Pakistani comedian Sakhawat Naz is enough to lighten your mood.

The comedian known for his witty lines came up with his version of the song in the February 12  episode of ARY News’ show ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’.

Sakhawat Naz’s version of the song was about the current situation of the country and how a comman man is suffering from inflation and sky-rocketing prices of the essential commodities.

The show hosted by Waseem Badami, in its Monday episode had Sar-e-Aam host Iqrar-ul-Hassan as guest so comedian Shafaat Ali played a corrupt businessmen and came up with his complaints against the Sar-e-Aam host.

Shafaat Ali, while playing the businessman said that whatever business he starts, he sees Iqrar-ul-Hassan coming to him one or the other day to “ruin his business” and expose his malpractices.

Shafaat Ali said that he started a dairy farm but then Iqrar-ul-Hassan came and exposed him for injecting bovine injections.

He said he couldn’t even talk to a random customer about his business for he might be a member of Sar-e-Aam team and may record his practices.

Shafaat Ali kept asking Waseem Badami about what business he should do to save his neck from Iqrar-ul-Hassan while Sakhawat kept coming up with novel and funny ideas, thus generating a lot of laughs.



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