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Lawyer of Geo, Jang Group withdraws petition against Salman Iqbal, Mubashir Lucman

LAHORE: Geo and Jang Group withdrew its petition against ARY News Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Salman Iqbal and ARY News anchorperson Mubashir Lucman in the Lahore High Court (LHC) today, ARY News reports.

Justice Khalid Mehmood heard the case today in which the lawyer of Geo and Jang Group, while withdrawing the petition, stated that it was filed against Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and it does not concern ARY News and Mubashir Lucman.

Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, lawyer of ARY News, on the occasion said that Geo does not want anyone to speak against it. He further said that Geo and Jang group is introducing a weird tradition of seeking relief from other courts when failing in another. Aitzaz Ahsan added that Geo wants ARY News to be shut down.

He claimed that Geo and Jang group is seeking relief by withdrawing its case against CEO ARY News and Mubashir Lucman. He told the court that Geo's case is not worth listening and should be rejected by the court.

ARY News lawyer further said that the defamation case is based on false accusation whereas Khara Such is disclosing facts based on evidences. There is no restriction on highlighting facts, he added.

Aitzaz Ahsan, while further adding statements, said that a petition was filed to scandalize the media in which the centre is not mentioned.

Justice Khalid Mehmood remarked that Geo Group should say what it wants but the verdict will be announced according to law. The judge also remarks that no one will be allowed to scandalize the judiciary. He also remarked that interim orders cannot be issued to stop the transmission of Khara Such according to the law.

The court also rejected the plea, filed by Geo and Jang Group, to issue stay order against ARY News program Khara Such  and ordered PEMRA to file their answers in the court.



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