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LB elections in Sindh, Punjab on Sep 20: ECP

While briefing the media here, Secretary ECP Sher Afgan said that the schedule for LB elections in KP, Sindh and Punjab will be issued on July 28 and a final list of candidates will be furnished on August 24.

“500 million ballot papers will be printed for LB elections in three provinces, with 40-42 crore for Sindh and Punjab, and 8-10 crore ballot papers for KP”, he said.

However, all the three government printing presses have excused from printing the required number of ballot papers in due time.

Afgan said, “These 50 crore ballot papers will be printed in 25 days and the Security Printing Press Karachi has ensured the printing of six lac ballot papers a day.”

“Printing Corporation of Pakistan will produce 7.5 crore ballots in 25 days and the Post Office Foundation will print 2 crore ballot papers.”

Moreover, private printing presses will be approached for printing the remaining number of ballot papers, said the secretary ECP.



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