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‘Leaked document’ reveals about rules that WWE stars must follow

Sitting in a live WWE event maybe an exhilarating experience for pro-wrestling fans. With the intruding cameras and high quality of pyrotechnics from televised shows kept away, wrestlers are able to interact with the crowd with more ease whereas the audience can enjoy the competition in its purest form.


However, WWE shows are still micromanaged to the smallest detail and there are rules which are clearly laid out, according to a leaked schedule from a live WWE event.

No pile drivers

Being one of the most technical moves to perform in the squared circle, it still has its dangers. Only The Undertaker performs the maneuvre with the variant named “Tombstone Pile Driver”.

Although the move was slowly eliminated from WWE matches after Owen Hart broke Stone Cold Steve Austin’s neck at SummerSlam 1997, but it was performed on the independent circuit.

No title shots to the head

WWE has banned the title shots to the head as it is a reason of concussion based incidents over the past several years.

It should be noted that the pro-wrestling company had also banned the use of steel chair shots to the head for safety reasons.


Referees are only allowed to count pinfall

WWE has decided that its referees cannot have an impact in the match finishes except for counting pinfall.

However, there are no specific rules for referees on not dealing with invading fans.


Impromptu skits and interviews are bad

WWE is heavily criticized for its scripted interviews that its superstars wrestlers have to give.

The leaked document showed that there should be ‘no impromptu talent promos’ and all skits have to be discussed by the producer before approval.

It should be noted WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens berated a child at a live show, after which the child’s mother wrote a letter of complaint.



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