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LEAs search out a seminary in Islamabad

According to details, security personnel searched out 120 rooms inside the seminary. Officials also inquired nearly 500 students and staff members over there.

However, no arrest was reported during the operation.

Earlier on March 18, three seminaries were closed in view of threats on account of Pakistan Day parade on Mach 23.

Authorities in the recent past had ordered to keep 41 seminaries across the federal capital closed for a week [March 18 to 24].

The Pakistan Day parade will take place at Shakar Parian Ground or Kashmir Avenue on March 23, for which the military contingents have already started their rehearsals.

The ceremony will be attended by the Chinese president as well as ambassadors and other dignitaries from 23 different countries.

The Pakistan Day parade was suspended due to worsened law and order situation of the country after 2007.



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