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At least 13 suspects nabbed in Karachi raids

According to a Rangers spokesman, the para-military troops carried out raids at Sohrab Goth, Model Colony and Pathan Colony in which nine alleged outlawed group members were arrested. Weapons were also recovered from the suspects.

Four alleged criminals were arrested during a Rangers’ raid in Lyari. They were shifted to an unknown location for investigation.

On the other, one of the two criminals who was killed in an encounter at Sharah-e-Noor Jehan area of Karachi has been recognized. He was identified as Adeel and he was a target killer.

It should be noted that law enforcement agencies had signalled the two suspects to stop on which they opened fire at the cops. Both of the alleged gunmen were killed in the retaliatory fire.

They are said to be involved in the killing of police officers and doctors. One of their accomplices has been arrested whereas raids are being carried out for the arrest of their partners.



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