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LEGO House is ready and you can spend a night there!

A 12,000-square metre house filled with 25 million LEGO bricks opened its doors to a brand new creative universe last month. Children and creative souls of all ages can now get the ultimate LEGO experience all year round in the new LEGO House in Billund, Denmark.

“It has been a dream for me for many years to create a place that will give our visitors the ultimate LEGO experience. With LEGO House, we celebrate creativity and the strength of learning through play. When they play, children learn the basic skills that they need, such as creativity, collaboration and problem-solving abilities,” says third-generation LEGO owner, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen.

The heart of LEGO House is the experience zones. Here, you will find two exhibition areas and four play areas where you can explore your creativity in lots of different ways. The zones are based on four different colours, each symbolising a special aspect of play and learning. Red is for creative skills, Blue is for cognitive skills, Green is for social skills and Yellow is for emotional skills.


Blue Zone to play with logic


House Rules 

● Play is mandatory!
● Adults are advised to wear LEGO-proof slippers at all times.
● If there’s anything you miss in your bedroom, feel free to build it yourself.
● The bed is so comfy, you might need a brick separator in the morning.
● If 25 million bricks aren’t enough, a real LEGO moulding machine is installed in the lobby.
● We know you’re looking for that one rare brick, but please refrain from diving into the LEGO pool.
● No night at the LEGO house would be complete without BRICKfast in bed.
● State of the art home security: just throw some bricks on the floor before leaving!


LEGO House was designed by the architectural firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) and consists of 21 white bricks stacked on top of each other. Its facade is covered with tiles, giving the illusion that the whole building is made of LEGO bricks.The building covers an area of 12,000 m2.

On the ground floor, you will find three restaurants, a LEGO Store, a conference room and the 2,000-square metre LEGO Square. 

The experience zones comprise four coloured play areas, a large gallery of LEGO creations built by fans and a large exhibition about the history of the LEGO brand – including 200 of the most iconic LEGO boxed sets. 

 The experience zones are based on four different colours, each representing a special aspect of play and learning. Red is for creative skills, Blue is for cognitive skills, Green is for social skills and Yellow is for emotional skills.  Each colour zone has a number of activities that encourage visitors to play.

In addition to the experience zones, the enormous bricks house a sheltered public space and a number of interconnected outdoor terraces and playgrounds for visitors to explore and enjoy. From LEGO Square, you have free access to three eateries and a big LEGO Store. 

Visitors arriving by air to Billund Airport are welcomed on approach by eight light beams from the gigantic LEGO keystone brick on top of LEGO House, representing the eight knobs on a 2×4 LEGO brick.

 LEGO House expects to welcome 250,000 paying visitors each year. Visitors are expected to come from all over the world – mainly families, but also school groups, LEGO employees and AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO). 

The combination of LEGO House and LEGOLAND® makes Billund the only place in the world where visitors can get the ultimate LEGO experience.


Aspiring master builders, young and old, have to put their imagination to the test and describe one thing they would build together with their family if they had an infinite supply of Lego bricks to enter a chance to win a night in the Lego House.

The lucky winners will stay at the Lego House all to themselves for a whole night. They will sleep in a Lego bedroom under a giant Lego waterfall and create their winning entry with the skilful support of the host, Jamie Berard, one of the finest master builders in the world and a true expert of the brick.

The winners will arrive at the Lego House on November 24th to be greeted by Jamie who will welcome them to their home for the night. First, they will enjoy lunch where they will be tasked with building their order out of Lego bricks before it’s sent to the kitchen to be made into real food and served by two friendly robot waiters.

Tree of Creativity

After lunch, the house will close to the general public leaving it empty and ready for the winners to run through the rooms, explore and play under the expert guidance of Jamie.

First, they will marvel at the foot of the Tree of Creativity, built by hand from over 6 million bricks, and move onto the Masterpiece Gallery, showcasing Lego creations from fans from around the world.

From there, they will move on to the Experience Zones where they direct their own movie, engineer robotic cars, design cities and much more. Nostalgic adults can head down to the basement to trace the timeline of Lego history and reminisce over the most iconic sets ever produced.

As the adventure comes to an end, they will be invited to the final stop on the journey – a bedroom floating underneath a 6-metre-tall Lego waterfall, surrounded by a pool of bricks.

Red Zone to boost creativity.

The whole space will be transformed into a home fit for a super fan, with all items made totally out of LEGO bricks including the teddy bear, lamps, the alarm clock, the TV, storybooks, and even a pet cat.

The home consists of two bedrooms, with beds nestled in pools filled with Lego bricks, as well as a living room, where the winners can cozy up in Lego armchairs while enjoying Lego TV.

The official Lego history museum

The winners will need to get to grips with the endless supply of bricks and bring their winning entry to life.




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