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Leonardo DiCaprio loses best actor Oscar to Matthew McConaughey

LOS ANGELES: American actor and film producer Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio has once again loses the Best Actor Oscar, and this time to Matthew McConaughey.

Of all the things to happen at the 86th Academy awards last night – Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing U2, Lupita Nyongo’s beautiful speech, John Travolta, er, losing the power of speech – one of the most predictable if disheartening was Leonardo DiCaprio’s failure yet again to take home the best actor statuette.           

The actor has been nominated four times in acting categories (plus once as an executive producer), and has walked away empty handed each time. Still, at least this improves his chances of winning a lifetime achievement award.                

It was heartbreaking for Leonardo DiCaprio's fans to see him lose the Best Actor in a leading role Oscar to Matthew McConaughey.                                        



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