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Let’s ignore Khawaja Asif’s vapid comments

Most of Sahabas (RA) such as. Abu Bakar (RA) and Tabe-yeen like Abu Hanifa (RA) were earning their livings by selling clothes and become not only great persons but exemplary and exalted persons in the Islamic History. The honorable Minister is seen wearing 2-3 piece suits always with a Tie. Perhaps he does not know that Tie is the symbol of Cross, adopted by Christians Society all over the World. There are Muslims living in the western world, who never worn Tie, though most of them were well educated, settled, employed and worked in some Reputable American Firms life long. Most of them followed Islamic Dress Code as much as possible in this part of the World. They are not great people, but they are simply law-abiding honest people, who struggled in what they have believed without making mockery of other people for the type of dress people wear or the type of business they are in. The honorable Minister living himself in a “Sheesh Mahal” in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and throwing the stones to others. He should not  forget that spitting on Moon, ultimately comes to face of the person who does it:

Sheeshe main Ra-haiN aap ke Sahra-ye Ju-nooN MaiN
Dun-ya Hai ke Path-thar li-ye Ha-th-oN main Kha-di Hai. (Hussain Imam)

M. Hussain Imam

Virginia, USA






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