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'A Letter From My Father' heads to Cannes Film Festival

A short film, made by three friends as they were waiting to clear a production glitch in another film they were working on, has now gone international, and is all set to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival, 2014 (which is on from May 14-25 in France). The film, A Letter From My Father, was shot in the Pink City, has been directed by London-based non-resident Rajasthani, Abhishek Hans, and has been written by Jaipur's Ajaydeep Singh. The film has got an entry for being screened at Cannes, and now, Abhishek is hoping to get into the competition category as well.

The film was shot in a span of three days,and conveys the beautiful emotions that build a father-son relationship. Ajaydeep,who is also the associate director of the film, says, "It's an honour for us that our film has selected for being screened at Cannes. I am excited about the fact that we will be reaching out to a global audience, taking a slice of our city, its culture and ethos to people across the world. We will be going to Cannes to see how the world reacts to the film. We are also waiting for the results of competitive category, and if everything goes well, the film might also get selected for the short-film competition section."

Abhishek, a Ravensbourne College of design and Communication graduate, also spoke to us, "This film is about the struggles of a handicapped man, Mukesh. The film focuses on his life's struggles and feelings as a differently abled person, from being bullied at school to the death of his parents. The film is dedicated to all the people in the world who are struggling to work for what they truly believe in."

Recalling an interesting story behind the making of the film, Ajaydeep adds, "We were working on a different film and invited our friend Abhishek, who originally hails from Ganganagar, to join us. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, our work on that film came to a halt. So in the meantime, we decided to make a short film. I already had this story in mind. After a few days of sitting together and improvisation,we finalized this story. Everything fell into place, the actors and few locations in and around the city were finalized and we started the shoot. It took only three days to shoot the eight-minute film. Once the film was canned, we were watching it together, and we all got very emotional, and then decided to see if we could take this film for some international festivals. Abhishek suggested Cannes, and here we are, getting ready for the screening."



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