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LHC seeks report on security measures to eradicate smog

LAHORE: Censuring the government for lack of serious steps against prevailing smog in Punjab, the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday ordered to submit report on security measures to counter and eradicate smog, ARY News reported.

Hearing the case, Chief Justice LHC Syed Mansoor Ali Shah issued orders to the environment department to submit report on security measures to counter smog in the province, as heavy smog continues to batter life and vehicular traffic across Punjab, while several people have lost their lives in traffic mishaps caused by poor visibility.

Petitioner’s counsel apprised the court that because of smog last year in November, the citizens had fallen victim to different diseases. However, the government made no practical measures to guide the citizens and clear smog, he said.

The secretary environment reasoned that smog had gushed up when dry fibre and dreg were ablazed after harvesting of Kharif crop in India.

He said smog is erupted as an outcome of the weather change which leads to oozing out of warmth of the earth and lack of humidity, hence mixing lots of small particles in the air.

The secy presented an already approved policy to counter smog and said crackdown was being carried out against the smoke spewing vehicles.

Calling the government measures insufficient and non-serious, the court wondered that why pre-action was not taken the whole year to counter smog.

The court ajdoured the hearing with orders to present a comprehensive report in this regard.



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