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LHC overturns contempt of court plea against Aleem Khan

Justice Ayesha A Malik announced this decision on petition filed by Aleem Khan to challenge Ayaz Sadiq’s plea of contempt of court against him. The LHC banned action on the contempt of court plea.

Lawyer of Aleem Khan, Anees Hashmi said Sadiq had approached ECP over allegations of submission of falsified affidavit by Aleem regarding transferring of votes from constituency NA-122 in by-elections and contempt of court.

Hashmi said the falsified affidavit had not violated any judicial order, therefore, the contempt of court filed on ground of the affidavit should be shunned.

Aleem Khan replies to ECP over false affidavit allegations

Deputy attorney general said submission of fake affidavit was not contempt of court.

Sadiq’s lawyer raised objection on LHC’s hearing on the issue of ECP. He said the plea should be dismissed because LHC had no right to hold hearing on ECP’s issue.



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