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LHC takes notice of security of transport facilities at educational institutions

Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah was hearing the case, and was informed by higher education officials that there were 6180 A-grade educational institutions which had satisfactory security arrangements including metal detectors, walk-through gates and security guards.

Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority Chairman Faisal Masood informed the court that the organs of children under the age of 13 cannot be used for transplantation. He said that any organ transplantation without government approval is strictly prohibited.

He said that there were 11 hospitals within the country who were authorised to carry out organ transplantation, while there are vigilance committees established to monitor them which include high ranking officials of Police and intelligence agencies.

The applicant informed the court that there were inadequate security arrangements for transport facilities of educational institutions which can lead to an increase in cases of child kidnapping.

He said that the Police had failed to control the rising incidents of child kidnapping, which has raised fear and apprehension among parents who are hesitant to sent their children to school. He urged the court to extend the duration of school vacations till there are fool-proof arrangements for the security of the children.

The court adjourned the proceedings after ordering a report on the security situation of transport facilities at educational institutions.






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