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Liberate Khalistan trends on Twitter

he Khalistan movement is a political nationalism movement started by the Sikhs in India which seeks to create a separate country called Khalistan.

The trend is one of the top worldwide trends on Twitter and is also the most discussed trend in Pakistan.

Aisha Baloch said that the Sikhs also deserved a referendum just like the one in Scotland while Ammara Kazi wrote that she supports the Sikh nation.

Annas Iqbal slammed the Indian government for its treatment of the Sikhs

Asifa Jadoon stated that Khalistan is the only solution to the problems that are being faced by the Sikhs

SadzQ lauded the Sikhs for their Khalistan movement.

Danish Khan posted a picture of the Golden Temple which was raided by Indian forces.

Sabeena Siddiqi posted a picture of how Khalistan would look like if they separated from India.

Ammara Kazi tweeted that Sikhs want freedom from India.



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