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LIFE IS CHEAP: Suspected target killer says he would commit a murder for Rs. 2,000

Arrested by law enforcement agencies, Javed ‘Punjabi’ confessed to committing murders for an amount as nominal as Rs. 2,000. Javed alias Punjabi revealed during the course of his investigation that he killed those who did not pay extortion money as well as opponents. He also revealed that Riyasat, an important member of the Lyari gang-war, used to pay him Rs. 2,000 for every murder that he committed.

He also disclosed their group consisted of sixteen people, many of whom had died in police encounters. Names of the suspects are Sultan Agha, Jamil Jhanka, Kamran Kamo, Fazal Dada, Anwar Haddi, Ahsan Sindhi, Tariq Bala, Salman, Wasim Ganja, Zubair, Aamir Baloch Halaak, Shakeel, Arif Akbar, Guddu and Kareem.

Javed revealed he had kidnapped and tortured Khurram Hazarowal with the help of Salman and Zahid Haddi. He further disclosed how they disposed off the body in Lyari River after torturing and killing the victim.



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