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People wonder if Lindsay Lohan has converted after seen carrying the Holy Quran

Rumours are rife worldwide that Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has converted to Islam. The reason these rumours are being circulated throughout the world is that the prominent actress was clicked walking outside of a children’s centre in Brooklyn, a Holy Quran clutched in her arm!

Meanwhile, photographs of her holding a copy of the Holy Quran have gone viral on social media and by Friday afternoon ‘Lindsey Lohan’ was trending on Twitter in Pakistan.

Linsay Lohan Trends on Twitter

Lindsay Lohan, star of the hit movie Mean Girls and Scary Movie 5, was ordered by a New York court to indulge in community service. The actress has been noted for her religious observances and beliefs in the past as well. She had also been spotted wearing the famous red string Kabbalah bracelet.

Lindsay is a troubled teen, as she has courted controversy due to her rash behavior and addiction to drugs in the recent past. Lohan was sentenced in 2013 to 240 hours of community service after she drove recklessly and lied to police following a car accident in Santa Monica, California. The court also imposed 90 days of drug rehabilitation and 18 months psychiatric counseling during two years of probation. But in February she was given another 125 hours of community service, after a judge questioned whether she fulfilled the terms of the initial sentence.

Whether the actress has embraced Islam or not, only time will tell. However, it seems good to know that the actress is associated with the Holy Book in some form or manner, keeping in mind that a troubled teen like her could certainly benefit from the book’s ultimate wisdom!



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