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Achieve your goals with Linkagoal, an exciting new app!

The new global, goal-based application is now available for use on Android and in beta on iOS. Through Linkagoal, set goals or targets for yourself and let the world know about it. Also, if you’re encountering hindrances in your path to achieving your defined goals or objectives, reach out to others who have accomplished the same and derive adept tips on how to be successful as well! In this way, Linkagoal facilitates you in accomplishing your collective goals by seeking help from a global community base.

In order to derive a comprehensive understanding of the application and how it helps you to attain your goals, take note of these key features:-

Accountability: Become the ultimate planner as well as the achiever! Users can now set their own goals via their mobile phones and also set practical, realistic and actionable steps on how to achieve them. Not only that, engagement with others is possible so as to seek valuable insight, guidance on how to better your achievements.

Crowd source Guidance: If you’ve already accomplished a goal or objective, let it be known! Become the much needed expert on a particular goal/target and enlighten similar chaps on how to accomplish their desired goal!

A shared purpose which leads to new connections: Uncover an innovative, new style of communication by egging on someone to achieve their goals or share your woes, troubles with them!

Gratifications and Rewards: Linkagoal also incorporates an element of gamification for its community where users are rewarded with “badges” that increase their overall influence as a goal-setter or achiever. So achieve goals now to unlock your very own reward!

Co-Founder and CEO of Linkagoal Nasir Jamal will lead a competent and expert Sales team in order to advance Linkagoal’s Goal Based Engine.

Linkagoal is an expert in cooperation and synergic activities that ultimately lead to success. Through concerted efforts and as a global community, people can achieve their collective goals with more efficiency and comfort. Through the platform of Likagoal, achieve your objects through shared experiences, advices, insights, motivational messages and adept knowledge of the goal at hand! With Linkagoal, you now have a global community that is interested in your success, by your side!



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