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Lion stuns safari team after joining them on food table

A safari party was hoping to get close to a wild animal during their trip, however, they were left stunned when a lion joined them on a food table, forcing them to run for their lives.

Staff was setting up the buffet when the lion gatecrashed probably after being attracted by the aroma of biltong – cured beef – rather than the gin and champagne.

The lion wandered back off into the bush without sampling the food.

It later emerged the party went ahead safe and the entire episode was captured by the safari guide Chris Taylor on camera.

Mr Taylor, 26, said his guests, who are from the UK but are staying at their home in South Africa, were very lucky to see such a rare sight of wildlife coming so close to them.

‘To have one visit a drink stop in such close proximity is very unusual,’ he said.

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‘We all sat and watched as he slowly moved closer. He posed for a few seconds and continued.

‘I have had other animals wander past, but normally at a much greater distance.’



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