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Man tries to snatch six-year-old girl from her mom’s lap

A homeless man tried to take a six-year-old girl from her mother’s lap at a pizza restaurant in California before being neutralized by her family.

Police said, father Riley Pegram was with wife Noheli, daughter Neveah and brother Chris were having dinner near Venice Beach on January 4 around 7pm when the incident took place.

The family were taking their first trip to the beach when Evan McLaurin-Nelson, 31, approached the group, said that he knew Neveah and had to ‘save her’.

California Girl Snatching

In a bid to avoid confrontation, the family walked away from McLaurin-Nelson to a nearby pizza, but he followed them.

McLaurin-Nelson then attempted to grab Neveah, but was pushed back by Chris – a US Army veteran – who managed to get a hand around his neck.

He wrestled with the suspect for several minutes until LAPD Pacific Division officers responded and took the suspect into custody.

Police said McLaurin-Nelson is originally from Las Vegas but moved to California around three years ago and is thought to be homeless.

Investigators say he has a lengthy arrest record in both Las Vegas and California that includes false imprisonment, indecent exposure, battery and disorderly conduct.



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