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2020’s baby: Little girl thinks everything is sanitising station

In 2020, hand sanitizer stations popped up outside shops, around the corner of streets, inside malls, in parks and other places in several countries after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

Meanwhile, the toddlers of 2020 learned a new set of skills that the children before them had not. A video that went viral on social media may have defined the younger generation living through 2020.


On one of their daily walks, the little girl’s mother recorded her thinking of every object she came across, as a hand sanitiser.

The video shows that the toddler assumes a roadside street light, or a bulb in brick to be a sanitizer. The little girl presses on it and seconds later, she rubbed her hands and walked away.

The video was posted by a woman, Katie Lightfoot, a resident of Texas. It was captioned as, “When your first year of life is 2020 was all about hand sanitizing.”



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